Fen-Seal KS265K140


When it comes to compression seals for casement win dows, whether the windows are made of wood,
vinyl or aluminum, Fen-Seal weather seals provide years of premium performance.
Top quality windows and seals perform for years. They seal our cold drafts, dust and water. And,
when a window performs as promised, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Pro-lon weather seals stand up to the real world torture of time and temperature. A seal’s
resistance to compression set, the ability to spring back into shape after being crushed by normal
window expansion and contraction, is the crucial factor in a window’s installed performance. Tests
prove that windows with Fen-Seal outlast and outperform windows weatherstripped with plastic, pile
or anything else.
Simply put, Fen-Seal weather seals are superior. They provide an improvement in field performance
that is unequalled.

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in

Black, Bronze, White


1000' Reel($299.65), 2000' Carton($490.85), Reeled 50' section($41.00)

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