Compression: Recommend 30% Minimum 10% Maximum 40%

Standard Pack: 1,500ft/carton (457m/carton)

Special Features: Aptus seals are extruded TPEs. This material combines the flexibility of a thermoplastic with the functional performance and properties of a conventional thermoset rubber. Dual Durometer compression seal with a reach of .340″(8.6mm) for mounting distances of .170″(4.3mm) to .272″(6.9mm).

Other Information: Pocket Opening is 0.150″(3.8mm), Pocket Width is 0.2″(5.1mm), Pocket Depth is 0.2″(5.1mm). Conforms to the shape of the sealing surface better than a rigid part. Protects against air infiltration and water penetration.

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Downloadable Material


DXF Download AP5211


DWG Download AP5211


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in



1500' carton 715.15, 750' reel 450.00, Reeled 50' section ($35.00)

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