.500 Height X .187 Wide T-slot Pile W/Fin


Compression: Recommend RECOMMEND 10 – 15% Minimum Maximum

Standard Pack: 2000 FT(Carton)/1000 Ft(Reel)

Special Features: 100% Polypropylene construction provides excellent sealing characteristics; creating an effective barrier against air infiltration and water penetration, dust and the reduction of window and door sound vibration. The pile fibers move independently – sealing against uneven surfaces. The pile is silicone treated to further resist water. An optional microbiocide additive is formulated into the pile and/or fin to stop airborne intrusion of mold, fungi, pollen, bacteria and other allergens.

Other Information: Other backing widths available: .196″,.210″,.230″ Flat Back and .220″ Spring Back for those unique in line insertion requirements. Fin product comes in a clear fin as well black, white or gray quiet fin.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in



2000' carton ($466.15), 1000' Reel ($291.00), 50' section ($32.25)

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